Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Jeans and a tee

Jeans and a tee. So simple.
I really like to put up outfits like this, first of all because they are so simple to put together: jeans + a tee, and then because i can have fund with everything else, as i don't really love "too casual" outfits i always like to add some elegant details like the gold shoes here, a pair of gold point heels it's an essencial for any wardrobe, for so many reasons, you can wear them to turn the most casual looks to chic looks (like this one) and they are perfect for the party season, you can wear them to weddings, dinners out, during summer or even Christmas or New Eve's parties as they are still perfect to wear during winter. I wear them a lot lately, specially on the weekends.
The jeans and the tee are both from Levi's.
The red bag (i know i'm always wearing this red bag lately, what can i do? It's so beautiful) is from VIPme.
The shoes are from Public Desire.
And the shades are from Ray Ban. 

Monday, June 19, 2017


How i love gingham!
Gingham as aways been in my life no matter what fase i'm going throw, style evolves as we evolve but certain things remain with us.
For me black will always be my favorite color to wear, and some prints like gingham plaid will stick with me too.
This shirt is on of my favorite (i feel like i always say this, but i really only wear things that i absolutely love) this ruffled sleeves are to die for! I cannot have enough shirts, i always want more and more, think it's just so easy to wear a shirt + a pair of jeans and that's why i really need do many of them, in as much prints and colors as i can find.
This one is from ChicWish and you can find it here, it also comes in blue and all white (i'm also pretty obsessed about the other 2).
Although i don't wear black as often as i did before, some outfits really need to be as black as possible, i just love the monochromatic vibe, and the black really makes the gingham print pop out, so i'm waring a pair of black Levi's 501 (lately i think i almost only wear Levi's 501, they have the perfect fit).
I'm also wearing the cutest pair of heels ever, i absolutely love the knot detail, they are from InTheStyle an you can find them here.
The round bag is from VIPme, and you can find it here.

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Can't stop wearing the blue stripes + red combo, i' obsessed.
Don't you love this top? I'm so obsessed with it, it's just gorgeous and so feminine, the fabric is as casual as it can be but the ruffle details makes this a one of a kind top, so different and such a statement piece, you can be so simple with all the rest because this tops speaks for itself.
The shirt is from ChicWish and you can find it here.
As i'm not really into skinny jeans at the moment i had to wear it with a pair of Levi's 501, i just love vintage jeans so much!
Do you notice that i'm  not wearing any black? It used to be so hard for me lo let go of black, but now i'm really enjoying not to wear it all the time, needed a refresh ;) it's still my fav color tho.
Tjis bag as been my latest addition, i wear it all the time, the bag is from VIPme and you can find it here, if you'e not really into red bags but like this one, it comes in other colors too, the classic black, and also in blue and brown.

Sunday, June 11, 2017


As i really like to wear casual and kinda simple clothes lately, like tee and loose jeans, i love when they have beautiful details, like the embroidered tee. The embroidery really takes it to another level, it's just amazing, and i love red detail so i can wear my red bag from VIPme errday ;)
The tee is from Shein and you can find it here, it's so cool to style, i love to wear it with blue jeans and a pair of heels for a casual chic vibe or dress it down, with some mules, this ones are from Dropp and you can find them here and some loose black jeans, i actually kinda mess to wear black jeans as lately i almost only wear blue denim.
Hope you like this look.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Blue stripes and red

Lately i've been wearing the: blue stripes + red a lot. It's one of my favorite combinations, and i can't see to have enough blue striped shirts, i already own like 5 or 8 of them but they are all so different from each other and so unique, and i want to keep this collection growing :)
This one is my new favorite, absolutely love the little straps, they just make i so versatile, because i can wear it in the normal way (with shoulders covered) or i can turn it into to a off shoulder top, what i love! And the straps prevent it to drop too much. This straps also allows me to wear it as a sleeveless top, as i can leave the sleeves off my armas and tie them on a knot at the front, resulting in the cutest top ever.
The shirt is from SheIn and you can find it here.
Also the red bag really makes this outfit, and i love to pair it with my striped blouses and jeans.
The bag is from VIPme and you can find it here

Monday, June 5, 2017

Je t'aime

Black, white and red has to be one of my favorite combos!
I absolutely love red, and i'm so happy now that it is one of the most trendy colors. Although i absolutely love to wear red clothes, even from head to toe (i want a red suit to bad, blazer + trousers, i'm in the search for the perfect one) i really like it in details, like the lips or nails, and my favorite pieces in red are bags and shoes, i must say that although i wanted this red bag so much i thought that i would wear it just a few times because, well, it's red and i thought it wouldn't be very versatile, but i wear it all the time actually. I think it work with nearly everything in my closet and i just can't get enough of it. My favorite way to wear it is with 501 jeans and a stripped white and blue shirt, either with mules, heels or a pair of Converse All Star (i've always been such a fan of the All Star + shirt stripped blue + jeans como and All Stars really work with red, don't you think?)
Here i'm wearing it with a skirt + blazer suit (it is really not a suit but the fabric it's exactly the same and i really love suits, so...) and a graphic tee, as you guys might noticed i love white tee with black lettering and i think one can never have to many as they are so versatile and i wear them a lot, so i really like to have as many options as possible, and i always try to find really good ones, because they are already so simple and i think quality is really importante when i comes to the simplest things, so i found this one at VIPme, and i absolutely love it.
The bag is also from VIPme and you can find either the tee here and the bag here.
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