Thursday, October 30, 2014

I only care that the two of us are there

Hi! Isn't this trench coat sweet? I'm not a fan of pink but this one is so gorgeous because the pink is kind of nude is a very pastel shade of pink and i just love how it looks with black and white, so romantic. To break the sweetness of a look with a light pink coat and a white shirt i wear all black in the rest, even use dark lipstick to break the light colors a bit and add my most chunky boots. The trench coat is from Style Moi you can find it here, it is perfect for a fall weather, because it's not to warm is kind of fresh really.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Navy check

Took this photos about two weeks ago, the weather is so hot right now, i really like the sun but not the very high temperatures, i mean i love sunny cold days, they are so beautiful and i'm sick of wearing summer clothes :( Have so much new thing i want to wear but can't. Have this dress since last year but i really wanted to wear it in a different way, with a buttoned up shirt and a ribbon. This cardigan my boyfriend's but i stole it from him, i mean he can wear it but i want it in my side of the closet :) Hope you like this look.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


This was my day today :) went to Porto down town and search for new places to shoot and to see. Almost all this pics were taken in Sé do Porto an amazing place. We spent the afternoon getting to know Porto better, and having fun, i'm so tired right now 'cause we have walked like hell, thank god i took my creepers as a backup shoe, otherwise i wasn't able to do that much walk in the city with heels. This completely amazing dress is from Miss Patina and you can buy it here i got so inspired about this dress print that i went to this place with a lot of hand painted tiles, very Portuguese. Miss Patina is for sure one of my top three favorite brands, their pieces are magical like pieces of jewellery, little pieces of art really, and their dresses always making me fall in love, with the amazing prints. You can look polished in a day that you don't really want to loose time choosing a complex outfit, because the dress speakes for it self, doesn't need accessories really. Go check them out and you will have a hard time trying to choose just one thing. Hope you like this post.