Monday, August 31, 2015


I don't like jeans or pants much, as you notice for sure i almost never wear pants, i feel bad and stuck when i'm in jeans and for them to fit me in the waist area when i'm up, they are always too tight when i sit down and they make m stomach hurt. I only wear jeans/pants when i really need to, like when i'm take a trip with my baby in his motorcycles in winter (yes only in winter, on summer i always wear shorts, i know i shouldn't because i can hurt my legs pretty bad if we fall or something, but i always wear shorts). The other time i wear pants is if i really really love them and find them gorgeous. other wise either i wear a dress, a skirt or shorts. This time i kinda miss to wear my fav pair of black jeans. Love this top and the color of it, pastel blue always looks so goos with black, and i decided to wear a cropped top in a different way, more elegant and chic instead of my usual soft grunge looks. This top is from Style Moi and you can buy it here. Style Moi always have the most amazing and different clothes. 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Grey, black and white.

My relationship with grey is growing so fast :) Never really liked this color, because i've never saw the minimal potencial of it, now all i want to wear is grey. Can't have too many grey dresses, or coats or tops! Love to add some white and some black to it. This kind of outfits are so casual and so comfortable can live in this forever :) This dress is from CNDirect and you can fin it here. The bag is from Young Hungry Free and you can buy it here. 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Dark red

Friday, August 28, 2015

Zaful Promotion

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

White and black

I love stripes since i know myself. Black and white are my fav for sure, i tend to use them in black background and white stripes but this set is more white than black and i love it so much. I like the way it works with my all white Superstars and i really like the length of this skirt. The set is from Wholesale buying and you can find it here. Tried a makeup a little bit different this time, the "cat eye" made with two tones of eye shadow creating a smokey effect, really like it and it's much more easy to do than the tradicional cat eye with black eyeliner, i just use duct-tape right under to achieve that clean line and the rest is just a regular smokey kind of makeup. I always buy my makeup in Kiko Cosmetics because the price is amazing and the quality is very high, i buy almost all my makeup there. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Olive green and gold

Love this tone of green! I think olive green really works with black and gold details, so i decided to put together a look a little bit different from my latest ones, more chic and edgy. The jacket does all the work making this look a little glam rock/ chic punk. Have it for years and never know how to wear it, but love it to death and i like to try it out with different styles. The bag really work with the jacket bring more gold details to the look. Love this dress so much, because the color is one of my favorite and i really like the little turtle neck. Both bag and dress are from Young Hungry Free. You can find the dress here and the bag here. I think this look would look really cool with docs instead of heels too.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Lace, shorts and sneakers

All black with a inch of white. This top is one of my recent favorites, love the lace and love the shape of it kinda loose and cropped. It look gorgeous with high elegant heels and a midi skirt or even with black jeans and boots. This time i decided to put up a elegant look with tailored shorts and gold details that looks very cool with stilletos, if you want a more formal/elegant version, but in this case the sneakers bring some lightness and youth to the whole outfit. The top is from OASAP and you can find it here. The shorts are from FrontRowShop and you can find them here. Hope you like this look.