Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Silly thing

Hi! I don't wear this blazer a lot because i never know what to wear with it without looking very put together but i believe the netted crop top, the spike choker, the docs and the dark lipstick make it look cool and it gives some colour and interest to the all black outfit. I regret i didn't put my black hat this day (i wore this last weekend) , it would look much better. I hope you like the look and the post.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Heaven from Hell

Hi! Today i'm posting two times because yesterday i was to tired and fell asleep. I love this skirt and i have to buy some more vintage pieces because they are always my favorite, in my closet new thing come and go i get tired of the new trends but with vintage stuff i'm always happy and satisfied, its always a risk to buy online but i always have to buy online because in portugal there are to few fisical stores and i never find nothing that i like i buy almost everything from the USA on Etsy, my favorite stores are MarjorieMemories because the lady is sooooo  nice the communication with her is just great i bought there my acid wash denim levi's jacket, Ramblinvintage is also very nice with very quick ship and i bought there my fringe suede jacket that i love and the quality was amazing, i love the items from Rumors and from Nanometer but i never buy anything from this stores,unfortunately. Hope you like this look.

White over black

Hi! I have this crochet dress for years it was actually boring just a simple crochet dress with a white lining but i cut the liner to be possible to see through the fabric them i would be able to be creative with the clothes underneath so now i can wear it with a skirt and a very tiny top like i have done here or with some shorts and a cute bra or even with a simple dress in any colour i find it much more appealing right now. The outfit is very chic so i mixed it with a plaid shirt making the all outfit look more casual and different, the spike choker helps it to looking less neat. I still haven't wear this outfit but i'm thinking maybe for good friend of mine birthday dinner party in August. Hope you like it.

I never apologized for my mistakes when i write in english well i just had english in middle and high school and i was actually kinda disinterested in school :D i missed classes a lot to hang out with my friends, i shouldn't, i know :) but now i'm much more applied in school, so all english i know i have learned it in movies and tv series. So any error be free to correct me.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

back to basics

Hi, i'm back to basic and to 90s lately i just want my crop tops, plaid shirts denim jackets and docs or chunky boots, almost all black as usually. This is a outfit that i use by day and by night too because is so simple but with an edge. I've got to cut a bit my hair definitely is huge right now. Well hope you like the look.

Saturday, July 27, 2013


Hi, the days are less hot lately so it ir the perfect time to take some photos. My boyfriend gave me this t-shirt recently and its my first time featuring it. I love Joy Division songs and i find the movie Control great it represents the beggining of the band and Ian Curtis life and personality as is death, it all black and white and it is awesome. The yin yang neckalace is also new bought it in the same place as the t-shirt. Hope you like the look.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dark angel

Hi! I have this dress since last summer, then a combined it with some black country round tip boots and a vintage black hat, i was tired of it but when i tried it with docs and a spike choker i was in love with the dress again, i love this cute angel kinda dark looks, and this place near my parents house was the right spot to take some pictures, a mystical forest, near the river. Hope you like it.