Friday, April 29, 2016

b a c k l e s s

Can't believe that summer is coming and i will be able to wear outfits like this :)
I'm a all year all seasons boots kind of girl, i don't mind if it freezing or if it's a burning hot weather i love to wear boots no matter what. And this pair is just amazing, love that they are not the regular ankle booties but instead they are a little bit higher and that's so cool. And the perfect thing about them is that they are really high and really really comfortable i can walk in them all day long, they are actually like like a pair os socks :) 
I really like suede or suede like fabrics because they are deeply black, there is nothing more black than suede (worn out suede gets a little lighter but this pair is really black) and the cut is so minimalistic. 
The boots are from Solewish and you can find them here, go and check Solewish out if you are a shoe enthusiast like me because they have amazing shoes, tall the boots though are just perrrfect!
If you use the code HOLY10 at checkout you will have a 10% off discount when you shop at Solewish.
This dress is from NA-KD and is the perfect summer backless dress and i love the high neck front in contrast with the low back.
The cute little minimal rings i'm wearing are from Rings & Tings and you can find them here.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

g r e y | M A R B L E

I love the wall that i use as background of almost all my photos so much! Love that is a grey marble with grey and white variants and a pinch of a warmer sandy colors in some spots. This building is actually so gorgeous, the bottom of the building has the similar shape of the windows in the higher floors and it's so cool 'cause i can sit here for example, this kind of architecture really encourages people to interact directly with the building creating spots where we can stay and even hang out with friends or so, creating real living spaces.
This building is very close to my home and it's comfortable to have some place interesting and beautiful to take all my photos and still being that close to home.
As i love this wall and how it looks so much i decided to create both my iPhone case and my laptop sleeve with a photo of the actually wall, this way i can match it and even better i can keep my blog and Instagram aesthetics even when i'm shooting indoors because i can use them as accessories and background in all my inside photos. 
The case and the sleeve are from Snupped and you can find so many marble prints already made there, from different white ones, to grey, to black and so on and so forth, and you have the possibility to make your own like i did, with any image you want.
I'm having a 4 step Giveaway on my Instagram page and it consists in 4 steps:
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You have 5 days 'till this giveaway ends.

Now talking a little about the outfit, it's a very casual and minimal, yet very chic outfit, because both pants and blazer are tailored and much more elegant than jeans or a jacket.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Little White Dress

How i love spring and outfits like this!
This is my new favorite dress, is amazingly gorgeous and i think it look much better in person than it does in the photos, i just wish e could wear this everyday and anywhere. This can be everything i love the most: a plain color and white is one of my favorites, very girly, romantic, chic and minimal, all at the same time, the silhouette is both romantic and minimal.
The dress is from ChicWish and you can buy it here. ChicWish always have the most amazing clothes, if you're looking for something elegant and chic you have to check the website because you will find amazing things :)
As i can't get enough of this shoes i had to wear them again and they work so good in this outfit.
I'm only wearing a dress and a pair of heels and they are both so bold and make such statement on their own. 
Hope you like this outfit.

Monday, April 25, 2016

90s white maxi

This white maxi dress is gorgeous. It's so 90s, the whole look is, the thee colors on this Little Mistress shoes are also so 90s.
This dress is from NA-KD and it used to have two splits, one on each side but i decided to close them, because the dress is very stretchy himself and i prefere it like this.
This is such a cool summer look, i can imagine me wearing outfits like this all summer long.
The gold bracelet i'm wearing it's also from NA-KD and i love to combine it with my Daniel Wellington watch.
This shoes are my complete favorite for this summer and although i only posted looks wearing them with white outfits i love how they look with back or even denim, they are amazing, they are from Paper Dolls and you can find them at Little Mistress.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Leather mini skirt

Something i've always loved were leather mini skirts. just love to style them in different ways, and this one is really challenging me to try lots of different tops and shoes with it.
The skirt is not real leather, but is the most leather look faux leather i've ever seen, the quality is amazing and the shape is perfect, not to tight and not to A line, just perfect, i shortened mine, because i like them really mini, the skirt was about 2 inches longer than it is know.
This skirt can be so versatile, this time i decided to combine them with a mix of casual and chic pieces, the oversized t-shirt i'm wearing is actually from my boyfriend, and it bring a casual and laid back vibe to the look, the lace up sandals bring more of an elegant and chic vibe, this outfit is perfect to wear during the day or on a night out, because it's not to put together to wear during day time and it's not to casual and it can be a cool outfit for a night out. 
I'm thinking on styling it very soon with some different clothes, like an oversized sweater in top and a pair of boots or even with sneakers.
Also i really like to wear grey and add some gold accessories like my watch form Daniel Wellington and this simple bracelet from NA-KD or even the necklaces that mixes silver and gold and it0's also from NA-KD.