Monday, April 25, 2016

90s white maxi

This white maxi dress is gorgeous. It's so 90s, the whole look is, the thee colors on this Little Mistress shoes are also so 90s.
This dress is from NA-KD and it used to have two splits, one on each side but i decided to close them, because the dress is very stretchy himself and i prefere it like this.
This is such a cool summer look, i can imagine me wearing outfits like this all summer long.
The gold bracelet i'm wearing it's also from NA-KD and i love to combine it with my Daniel Wellington watch.
This shoes are my complete favorite for this summer and although i only posted looks wearing them with white outfits i love how they look with back or even denim, they are amazing, they are from Paper Dolls and you can find them at Little Mistress.