Monday, February 27, 2017


I'm such a sucker for gold!
Lately i've been accessorizing much more, as my style tend to be more and more simple and minimal, it was lacking some accessories, simple ones of course, to complete my looks. One of my favorite brands has to be Minimalist Jewellery, as the name says they have minimalistic pieces that are just gorgeous! From the earring to the rings, but mainly the bracelets i'm absolutely in love and been wearing their pieces everyday. The just fit perfectly with my entire wardrobe and other accessories. Go check the out here, i'm sure you'll fall as deeply in love with them them as i did.
As you guys may noticed so far i'm obsessed with watches, i cannot live the house without a watch, but most of the times just a watch isn't enough, and Minimalist Jewellery have the perfect bracelets and cuffs to match with all my watches. 


You can wear a 70s inspired outfit in so many different styles and ways,  you can go more minimalistic or more dark, or even colorful, 70s are such a cool hera and i love everything about them, from the music, to the clothes, to makeup and hairstyles to the cars, don't you love the 70s?
Clean cuts, wool fabrics, flare shapes, earthy colors and turtlenecks are my favorite things right now.
What inspired me to put this look wear actually the sunglasses, they are from Way Darby and they really remind me of some of the 70s eyewear, and i just went from there trying to find my favorite pieces that have 70s vibes, and what's better than a bell sleeved turtle neck? This one is from New Look and you can find it here. A pant + blazer camel suit really works here, because of the shape of the pants, kinda loose kinda flare and the color really takes me back in time. I just "modernized" the look with a pair of mirror heels, also from New Look, a o-ring belt and my The5th watch over the sleeve.

Friday, February 24, 2017

"No Thank You"

Casual, laid back looks like this are perfect for the upcoming season. It's such a casual outfit, but at the same time it has some really trendy items and that makes it much more interesting.
White tee with black graphics are my favorite, i think it's the most versatile piece in a closet, you can wear them with jeans, skirts, shorts, underneath tank tops, you can style them in very casual ways or you can mix them up with the chicest pieces from you closet, like a silk midi skirt for example or even a pair of suit pants for a masculine vibe, you name it. And that's what makes the white tee one of the most importante pieces to own.
This one is from NA-KD and you can find it here, they have such an amazing collection of tees, and you can use the code: holynights20 for a 20% discount storewide at
A simple look of white tee + back jeans it's timeless because all you really need to make it updated is the accessories, here i paired them with fishnet socks, so IN right now, an o-ring belt and my new favorite pair of boots, this silver mirror ones from New Look (don't forget that they are on sale for only 19.99, such a great price!)
And to finish the look, i'm wearing my The 5th watch, yes, the watches are very important to complete a look for me, i can't leave the house without a watch and don't choose any randomly, i think each one works with different clothes and styles. You can find this one here
The leather jacket i'm wearing is from Leather Skin and you can find it here.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Rose Blush

I feel inspired to put up my looks for so many reasons, sometimes i just fell in love with a particular look i saw, other times i get so inspired from one piece of my closet and i go on from that specific piece, other times, like this it's the jewellery that really inspires me to put all the pieces together and to create an outfit.
I've been almost only wearing Minimalist Jewellery pieces as accessories lately, because everything is just so delicate and gorgeous! I absolutely love rose gold and their rose gold tone is the most gorgeous i've ever seen and that was what inspired me to put up this look, much more delicate and sweet than i usually do. The blush color of the top and the sandals really is complimented by the color of the accessories, and the sweetness of the velvet really works with the delicate bracelets, ring and earrings that i'm wearing here. All of them are from Minimalist Jewellery and you can find them here.
The sweet top i'm wearing is from Gamiss and you can find it here, it's so delicate and i love tops like this layered with warm sweaters like this (this one is from Romwe and you can find it here), or even with some unisex tee under it, or just by it self as it is so pretty.
The pink velvet sandals are from New Look and you can buy them here, they are so gorgeous, and i will wear them a lot during this spring and summer, can't already wait to give them a try with other pieces and styles.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Vintage Levi's 501

I'm the biggest fan of vintage jeans, for so many reasons. First of all i love the vintage cuts, back in the day the jeans were kind f amazing, then i really love (the laziness) of not need to give the jeans a wear out look myself, i own lot's of jeans for years that still look  kinda new and what i really like is the worn out, washes out colors, and the washes of new jeans really look fake and are not as authentic as really worn piece of clothing is.
And of course my favorite vintage jean as to be THE Levi's 501! as the greatest selection of vintage Levi's 501 jeans, you can find them in the section: NA-KD Vintage. I've found this ones there and they have so many different pairs, from light to medium or dark colors, more ripped or more normal, they also have denim jackets (i'm seriously drooling over their Levi's denim jackets), and you can use my code: holynights20 for 20% off your purchase at
Go check them out, even if you're not into vintage denim, the have amazing things and they sell lot's of different brands, my code is available storewide.
My favorite ways to wear vintage jeans is in a casual-chic look, with comfy pieces and interesting and cute details.
Here i'm wearing one of my favorite sweaters, from ChicWish, my Ego boots and the rose gold accessories are from Minimalist Jewellery.
The details and accessories are the most important part in a casual look like this as they bring some interest and sweetness to the look. The gold immediately pops out and the whole look only complete with the accessories.