Monday, February 20, 2017

Vintage Levi's 501

I'm the biggest fan of vintage jeans, for so many reasons. First of all i love the vintage cuts, back in the day the jeans were kind f amazing, then i really love (the laziness) of not need to give the jeans a wear out look myself, i own lot's of jeans for years that still look  kinda new and what i really like is the worn out, washes out colors, and the washes of new jeans really look fake and are not as authentic as really worn piece of clothing is.
And of course my favorite vintage jean as to be THE Levi's 501! as the greatest selection of vintage Levi's 501 jeans, you can find them in the section: NA-KD Vintage. I've found this ones there and they have so many different pairs, from light to medium or dark colors, more ripped or more normal, they also have denim jackets (i'm seriously drooling over their Levi's denim jackets), and you can use my code: holynights20 for 20% off your purchase at
Go check them out, even if you're not into vintage denim, the have amazing things and they sell lot's of different brands, my code is available storewide.
My favorite ways to wear vintage jeans is in a casual-chic look, with comfy pieces and interesting and cute details.
Here i'm wearing one of my favorite sweaters, from ChicWish, my Ego boots and the rose gold accessories are from Minimalist Jewellery.
The details and accessories are the most important part in a casual look like this as they bring some interest and sweetness to the look. The gold immediately pops out and the whole look only complete with the accessories.

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  1. Best looking ,
    I find it very cute . .. Really nice :) Amazing total look
    I love so much this your looking :)