Thursday, February 23, 2017

Rose Blush

I feel inspired to put up my looks for so many reasons, sometimes i just fell in love with a particular look i saw, other times i get so inspired from one piece of my closet and i go on from that specific piece, other times, like this it's the jewellery that really inspires me to put all the pieces together and to create an outfit.
I've been almost only wearing Minimalist Jewellery pieces as accessories lately, because everything is just so delicate and gorgeous! I absolutely love rose gold and their rose gold tone is the most gorgeous i've ever seen and that was what inspired me to put up this look, much more delicate and sweet than i usually do. The blush color of the top and the sandals really is complimented by the color of the accessories, and the sweetness of the velvet really works with the delicate bracelets, ring and earrings that i'm wearing here. All of them are from Minimalist Jewellery and you can find them here.
The sweet top i'm wearing is from Gamiss and you can find it here, it's so delicate and i love tops like this layered with warm sweaters like this (this one is from Romwe and you can find it here), or even with some unisex tee under it, or just by it self as it is so pretty.
The pink velvet sandals are from New Look and you can buy them here, they are so gorgeous, and i will wear them a lot during this spring and summer, can't already wait to give them a try with other pieces and styles.


  1. Gorgeous outfit, love it! x

  2. Pink velvet looks so delicate and graceful. <3