Saturday, May 30, 2015

Black over marble

Just another casual look waring a body coon stretchy dress with Converse All star. This time all black. I can't fell more comfortable than this! Love to walk around and to go to classes all day in this, is just so practical! I take so many photos in this place, but it is just so close to my house and i love marble walls, i've been trying to find other marble walls but unsuccessfully! The dress is from Young Hungry Free and you can find it here. Well hope you like this look i'm hitting the Autocad again, have a endless assignment to do :(

Friday, May 29, 2015

Black and white stripes

This is my favorite summer dress right now! Will wear it a lot this summer, because it is so fresh, the open back is sososo gorgeous and i'm so into stripes and chuks combo lately! The pony tail accentuates the open back and keeps me even more fresh in this hot summer days and i think a messy one looks a bit more put together and chic. My favorite dresses right now are midi knee high or below the knee ones and this one is awesome, it's from OASAP and you can buy it here. Hope you like this relaxed summer look. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Brick wall

Hi! Weather is so good right now that maxis are the perfect thing to wear. This one is so gorgeous love the jersey fabric because it can be so casual and want to try it in a more sport chic kind of style with a pair of sneakers and a plane white cop top. This time i decided to match it with a black and white knit top and chunky boots. This skirt is from Young Hungry Free and you can find it here. It comes in other gorgeous colors too. Hope you like this casual look and this quick post :)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Roses over black

 A bit different from my latest post, back to my grungy witchy kind of looks today! Love this kind of dark look with witchy vibes ad you know,and florals really pop out on outfits like this. This is one of the dresses that i wear the most, because it's too comfortable, easy to wear, light and so cute with little roses, i wear it on winter with chunky knits over it and on summer is my ready to go dress. This cardigan i'm wearing is so cute, you can't really see how long it is on this pics buts it's pretty long, ends somewhere between the knees and the ankles, and i'm wearing it non stop lately, because is very fresh and sheer, exactly what this spring mornings and nights are asking for. Its from SheInside and you can find it here. Wanted a pair of over the knee boots for so long finally i got a pair, they are from River Island and i'm in love.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Casual in grey

Lately i spend my days in outfits like this. I just feel so comfortable. This dress is from Young Hungry Free and i have the same in black, usually i don't like to have the same cloths in different colors but this one is one of my fav dresses, i secretly hope that it comes in a million colors and i would have to have all the colors, just because it fits perfectly, it's really flattering, the fabric is amazing because it is not to light is kind of thick really, the length is awesome and love the little turtle neck, it comes also in olive, burgundy and a lighter grey, the olive one is killing me is sososo gorgeous. Well here is the link to it. I'm just loving to all my chuck form the closet for one more run. My hair is awful in this post, i had lots of hair spray and it looked so cool when i left home but this was such a windy day, it completely ruined my hair.