Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Casual in grey

Lately i spend my days in outfits like this. I just feel so comfortable. This dress is from Young Hungry Free and i have the same in black, usually i don't like to have the same cloths in different colors but this one is one of my fav dresses, i secretly hope that it comes in a million colors and i would have to have all the colors, just because it fits perfectly, it's really flattering, the fabric is amazing because it is not to light is kind of thick really, the length is awesome and love the little turtle neck, it comes also in olive, burgundy and a lighter grey, the olive one is killing me is sososo gorgeous. Well here is the link to it. I'm just loving to all my chuck form the closet for one more run. My hair is awful in this post, i had lots of hair spray and it looked so cool when i left home but this was such a windy day, it completely ruined my hair.  


  1. very cute!

  2. I love your dress.. well love is just an understatement.