Wednesday, August 31, 2016

white lace and black leather

Black and white: my forever and ever combo!
I love to match different fabrics like lace and leather, love the contradiction of a rough, tough fabric like the leather with the sweetness and purity of a white lace. This combination can result in a very stylish outfit, and can easily turn a very chic dress into a much more casual piece. 
Since it's still summer i decided to wear this outfit with sandals but i think this would look amazing with simple black leather ankle boots, perfect for fall.
The leather brando jacket is from Leather skin and you can find it here. 

Monday, August 29, 2016


Completely obsessed about both this leather brando jacket and thins o-ring off the shoulder top.
The leather biker is from Leather Skin and you can find it here.
This amazing top is from ChicWish and you can find it here.
I really like how off shoulder tops like this look with blue jeans but this time i had to wear them with black ones, just 'cause they are my favorite and i like to match all my favorite things in one look.
A good leather jacket is the perfect piece for all the seasons in a year, you can wear it during winter, layering it with a sweater or sweatshirts, you can wear it in a fresh summer nigh with shorts and a top, but the perfect time to wear them are in the transitions, from summer to fall or from spring to summer, and this entire outfit is based on how i introduce warmer elements in the end of the summer.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Open back

Wearing a white outfit with a pinch of black once again, love the simplicity of all white with black details, it's just so minimal and elegant.
This is one of my latest favorite outfits, both shirt + shorts are from Delphine the Label, go and check the brand here.
Wearing shorts like this can combine everything that is good from a skirt with the safety of wearing shorts, because they are plated kind of skater cut like a skirt and you don't need to worry about the wind or how you seat at all because, well they are shorts and one is always more comfortable wearing them. The fabric in this shorts is amazing, in this pics isn't really noticeable the texture and the shine of this amazing fabric, such a good quality.
And i completely adore this open back shirt!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Lately i'm either wearing all white or all black, and chokers lots of choker, just love them!
This time i'm wearing a peplum top, i've actually never had a peplum top before, it's my first one and i love it, love the shoulder detail with the thick horizontal strip, the top is from Chicwish and you can find it here.
Really like how the peplum top looks when matched with flare pants, because they have both flare bottoms, and it results in a very elegant and chic outfit. The pants are from SheIn and you can find them here.
I've never really tried a lot of different hairstyles, honestly i've always prefere to wear it down, and i easily get tired of hairdos and every time i make one i end up letting it down after just a little bit, but i really like to use my hair inside the sweaters or the jackets and to leave little locks hanging in the front, that was what inspired me to tie my hair like this, using the choker and lately i'm wearing this a lot.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

All white

Really missed to shoot and to share some looks with you guys! This past days it was completely impossible, but now i'm back on it ;)
This was a outfit that i wore for a birthday dinner party, my boyfriend's actually, in the past 5th of August. This is my favorite kind of special occasion clothing for summer: white, cute,feminine and simple.
I'm completely in love with this top and wan to wear it with a lot of different bottoms because it can be so cool either with a classy feminine and romantic skirt like this one or with a pair of ripped dark wash jeans, i really can't wait to try it on with a lot of things!
This gorgeous skirt is also from ChicWish and was the perfect choice for the dinner party, you can buy it here.
Hope you like this look, will post some more along next week, stay tuned.