Sunday, July 19, 2015


Feeling like an angel in this dress (a dark one of course hahaha). Is just too cute and i can't wait for fall to wear it like this during the day. right now i use this kind of outfits only at night because they are too warm, specially the boots, but i really like dresses like this with over the knee boots, it looks good with my burgundy velvet creepers too. The sleeves are so cute i'm completely in love, wish that i had more bell sleeved tops, the lace details makes all the difference. The dress is from Style Moi and you can find it here. The boots are from River Island. 

Friday, July 17, 2015


All black! Feels like home! Love this maxi t-shirt to death, it's just one of my favorite pieces ever! It look so awesome with black pants and chunky boots, it can work from Boho to minimal, from grunge to chic, depending on the accessories! This is my favorite way of wearing it, minimal, with very few accessories. It's from Style Moi and you can find it here. They have it in white too, and it would look so gorgeous with a pair of white shorts and white shoes! All white is just so in and i wish i has this in white too. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Deep blue and lace

Hi! I'm loving this jumpsuit soooo much, is so romantic and love the contrast of the deep blue with the white lace! In case you didn't notice i took this photos in two different days, in the first ones my eye makeup is a smoky brown with mascara but in the last ones i have eyeliner and i added this gorgeous white watch that i got from Rumjungle last week. Snd the reason i took photos in different days is just because i wasn't happy with the first Photoshoot. I really wanted to use this wall so the background would match the jumpsuit but everytime i take pics here the quality of the pics are so bad, we realized the tiles are making that problem, it's very hard to focus other things than the wall. The jumpsuit is from Tracyeiny. And the watch is from Wynntome and you can find it on Rumjungle

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sporty grey

Can't believe the difference between Pinhão weather and Porto! Here in Porto i can wear i sweatshirt during the day and i'm not even warm, actually the shorts were kind of cold to wear yesterday! In Pinhão i can't handle a bikini on me is just too hot! I'm really diggin' the sporty-chic vibe lately and i had to love this outfit, both sweatshirt and shorts are from New Yorker and they couldn't be more comfy! The shes instead are kind of a struggle for me, i use to wear shoes like this all day long when i was 17 to 19 but then i started wearing platforms and then chunky boots and my feet got so used to it that i can't handle a stiletto anymore :( but i love them so much! Will keep wearing them until my feet got used to them again! Hope you like this look.