Tuesday, February 23, 2016

White and camel

I'm so into light colors lately, of course my biggest love is black, but this warm tone of white is just amazing. It's not really white, and it's not a cold or bluish white, because i hate that tone of white, it's a warm yellowish white and that's gorgeous. Both the sweater and the jeans are in this warm white matching each other perfectly and both of them are from SheIn. The ribbed knit sweater is so soft and i really like the drop shoulder details, you can find the sweater here
And the jeans are perfect, perfect color, perfect fit and perfect fabric, i have a pair of white jeans from Levi's but they are low waisted and not stretchy at all, so when i found this pair: mid/high waisted and stretchy i fell in love immediately, and they are amazing, so so comfortable, you can find the jeans here.  
Without the blazer this looks kind of makes me remember Leia from Star Wars, in modern version :)
Hope you like this light colored look.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Grey, black and white.

Casual in grey black and white. My favorite colors. 
In this freezing days i just want to be cozy and comfy, heels make my feet a bit cold and sneakers are my choice, also high necks are the thing for me, they keep me so warm and the really high necks are so cool and elegant, i can't get enough of them. This one is from SheIn and you can find it here.
I fell back in love with leather pants, and know i want to try them out with everything in my wardrobe. A good pair of leather (or faux leather) pants can really make a change in a wardrobe, because they allow me to change from the usual black jeans, since i don't really like to wear blue denim in a daily basis. The leather pants are such a nice change and they are much more chic than the black jeans, i feel much more elegant and put together and at the same time edgier.
This pair of leggings is from SheIn and you can find them here.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Black on Black

Black on black with white sneakers, just love how white sneakers pop out in a all black look.
Lately i'm so into loose pants, and culottes are my fav, they look so cute and casual with sneakers and a oversized chunky sweater and so elegant and chic with heels and a a crop top, this pair of culottes are from TwinkleDeals and you can find them here.
This sweater is my go to sweater, every tie i want to wear black, be warm and still cute i wear this sweater, first because i really love chunky knit, second because i love turtle necks that allow me to put my hair inside and be more comfy, and at last because this one is so soft and the sleeves are amazing.
This sweater comes in 3 colors, black, burgundy and olive, all three of them are amazing, and the fit is perfect.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Off shoulder

Love drop shoulder sweaters, they are perfect for Spring, and this season i want to wear them everyday. This one is warm and fresh at the same time, the ideal to wear during spring, and the drop shoulder can make a oversized sweater much sexier than a regular one.
Camel and black is always one of my favorite combos. 
Lately i'm obsessing over leather pants or leggings, this fake leather ones are perfect, they are the best ones i've ever had, the material is thick and the inside part is suede like what makes them so comfortable, easy to put on even if they are really tight like this ones, and warm. Plus they are matte, what i like, because i don't really like the shiny ones. The zippers on the bottom are so cool if you want to wear them in a different way and they make the getting dressed part very easy.
The leggings are from SheIn and you can find them here.
I love to wear this boots Little Mistress with this pants because they match up perfectly. Find the boots here.
Hope you like this look.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

A l l B l a c k

All black forever!
All black looks will always be my favorite.
I'm obsessing over this sweater lately, just love it to death, the glove sleeves are spectacular, so different and cool and they keep my hands so warm, plus i love the cropped length because it's not too short and can be wear in this extremely cold weather because the belly doesn't show very much, the fabric is so soft and comfy and i love ribbed knits. The sweater is from ChicWish and it comes in white too, find them here
The perfect piece to go with a cropped knit sweater is a knit midi skirt, the one is from frontRowShop and the quality of it is amazing is one of my favorite skirts for sure, i have the same one in burgundy too, i've posted two looks wearing it find them here and here. 
You can buy this skirt here, the price right now it's amazing, so hurry up and buy your favorite color.
I'm missing warm weather so much, i want to wear shoes like this one without my toes and my legs turning blue with the cold :)  
The shoes are from Ego and you can find them here