Saturday, August 31, 2013

Easy like sunday morning

Hi, i'm posting just a simple look all black, and i had some white items to make the look more interesting, my white tequilas from Deandri that i bought on Edge of urge, and a white backpack that i bought in a market connecting everything with my black Easy money clothing sweater with white letters. I dyed my hair all the same colour about 25 days ago but the paint fadeawaay very quickly and i just took one photo with that look on instagram here is the link i'm dyingto get rid of this ombre hair. Hope you likethe lookand post.

Friday, August 30, 2013

When I'm home feeling you holding me tight

Hi! As you know i love my vintage pieces they are very meaningful for me, 'cause they are unique, i was supose to wear this outfit at my boyfriends birthday lunch with our family but i got so sick and i couldn't leave the house. so i'm posting this look now. I love this crochet top i have it since i was a little girls, since i was 11 or 12 years old , but it was long and o chopped itthis year. The Deandri Tequilas go so well with a more bohemian look like this, rock inspired. This necklace is also vintage it was from my mothers for years but she gave it to me last year i love it, and it is real silver so it will never fade. Well, hope you like it.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Team loser

Hi, again, today i'm posting twice because yesterday i didn't had the chance to post yesterdays look. The look i'm wearing today is so casual and confortable and chic at the same time i love this Criminal damage t-shirt but i have customised it making the front higher and the back lower i believe it is more interesting like this i just loe the netted sleeves so sporty. I have bought this backpack on a market-place at night in a tradicional portuguese village party some item are so cool and so cheap. I was wearing my favorite necklace a real gold one with my name on it that my parentes ordered and got it done especially to me with the font i chose and it was my Christmas gift from them about 5 year ago. I love it. But i didn't notice that it was inside my shirt so you cannot see it. But here it is.
Hope you like this look and post

Don'tl let me down

Hi! Is been 25 dyas since my last post, i'm definetely the worst blogger ever. Well i'm putting together some pictures and a post with every thing i did this summer, vacations in the beach with my closest firends, camping, me and my boyfriend join a motorcycle concentration to enter in a bikeshow, having fan in water reservoirs or weirs, canoeing, so many great nights too. I didn´'t have the time or oportunity to take pictures to my looks every day and even less to organize it in a post to blog it. Maybe next post will be the post of my vacation if i can find all the photos that my friends have in their cameras. I took this photos yesterday, this was my ooyesterday and i'm just posting it now, i finaly took a break in my vaction xD About this look, i have this Levi's jeans for ever like for 6 years, but i don't like how they fit me bacause the don't have any strech at all, they are stiff as hell but i love love love the colour and the shape of them,used this at night so the shirt make some sence, if i wore this in the afternoon here i would die of heat. Bought this turtle neck crop top about 2 month ago on Ebay. The rest i wear a lot and it is not novelty. Hope you like this look.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

I remember nothin

Hi!Took this photos the other day, but kinda forget about them so i'm posting them now. my dog ​​has grown so much the past few months she is just 4 month old she is so cute and guffy and at the same time evil lol she is always biting everything xD Hope you like the post.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Four different ways to use the UNIF bundy jumper

Hi! Sometimes its hard to diversify onepiece outfits, like this UNIF bundy jumper, or any dungarees or even dresses so using different pieces in my wardrobe and accesories or even makeup i tryed to create different looks.

The first outfit i chose for a all denim look, all acid wash, i love acid wash you must know :), mixed it with some creepers and a backpack all very 90s finaly i put some jewelery a cross necklace and as a bracelet my spiked choker very simple and casual to use during the day.

The second one i think its probably better to use at night, is much more put together and heavy, i uses the same UNIF jumper and this time i joined it a Pepe Jeans leather jacket, some pair of chunky boots, in this case vintage very 90s accessorized it with a spiked choker a vintage silver necklace and a yin yang pendant finished it with some fishnet tights and pulled the hair into a ponytail, the makeup is heavy, dark eyes and lips.

The third look is again very simple, very 90s/grunge inspired, and so simple to put together, i just join a plaid shirt, a beanie and my docs although the makeup is quite dark I use this look during day because it is soooo confortable.

At last only the jumper with some very high heels to use in a dinner party for example or going out at night i combine the Deandri tequilas with black socks making the boots pop out and as always dark lips and a spiked choker. Hope you like this post.