Thursday, August 29, 2013

Don'tl let me down

Hi! Is been 25 dyas since my last post, i'm definetely the worst blogger ever. Well i'm putting together some pictures and a post with every thing i did this summer, vacations in the beach with my closest firends, camping, me and my boyfriend join a motorcycle concentration to enter in a bikeshow, having fan in water reservoirs or weirs, canoeing, so many great nights too. I didn´'t have the time or oportunity to take pictures to my looks every day and even less to organize it in a post to blog it. Maybe next post will be the post of my vacation if i can find all the photos that my friends have in their cameras. I took this photos yesterday, this was my ooyesterday and i'm just posting it now, i finaly took a break in my vaction xD About this look, i have this Levi's jeans for ever like for 6 years, but i don't like how they fit me bacause the don't have any strech at all, they are stiff as hell but i love love love the colour and the shape of them,used this at night so the shirt make some sence, if i wore this in the afternoon here i would die of heat. Bought this turtle neck crop top about 2 month ago on Ebay. The rest i wear a lot and it is not novelty. Hope you like this look.

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