Monday, September 30, 2013

I'm not obsessing. I'm just curious.

Hi! Today i'm posting two times because yesterday i didn't had the time to prepare the post and to cut the pics. So this second look features, one more time, my leather skater skirt from Asos (you must be sick of this skirt :) but i love it xD) and this crop top from Zara, i love this jumper, it was kinda simple and normal before, but after i cropped it, it turned out awesome, more edgy. It is a very simple look, that i use to wear to go to collage because it is comfortable and chic too in, because is raining i will add some tights to the look, just a sheer black ones and some black socks, and i'm ready. I love this backpack because it is not too big but is big enough to put all i need to go to classes in it. Hope you like this look. Thank you all so much for such sweet comments here and messages on the facebook page as for the comments on my Lookbook page, you are awesome guys.

Always imagine new places

Hi! It is raining and i kinda miss this weather, but i got the flu, damn it! In this look i use a all velvet outfit, i do like mix velvet thing some more plane like this top i designed and the skirt with some velvet effects, in this pics you can't see the velvets effects, i have to take photos with the flash on and then you can see it perfectly, in this look you can see it beacause my car lights were directly pointing at the skirt. I just finish this look with some leather, or leather look, details, like the creepers, harness and backpack.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sheena is a Punk Rocker

Hi! Today i will make just a quick post. Wear this outfit the other day, i actually have this t-shirt for a long time, but never took pics with it, i love all black looks with some white details and combine it with denim, this vintage Levis vest is gorgeous, i steal it from my boyfriend. This band t-shirt kind of looks its what i choose when i'm lazy and don't know what to dress, but i do love it. Its just simple. Hope you like it. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Get busy living

Hi, as i told you i can't stop wearing this harness, and i was dying to get back to my creepers, and maxi skirts and all black looks and everything, so i'm very happy with this look, haven't used this skirt for ages, but i'm very into it again, before i always used JC Litas with it or some spiked biker boots that i have but the skirt looks sooooo much better with creepers, i'll wear all black outfits everyday, forever :) Hope you like it, and check my instagram page

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

ohhh... they cured me alright.

Hi! Yeah the weather is a bit colder and i'm so happy, i was dying to wear my all black everything, leather stuff, velvet stuff, hats, everything, this is the style i love the most and i love this combination, all leather, head to toe, well some item are not real leather, but they are leather look, i stop wearing this top since sometime around february, and i was missing it, and this skirt, as you know is my fav, always with me, it is always the solution. Well todays was a sad day for me, Dexter is finally over and the last episode killed me, is one my fav series, my top 3 is definitely Friends, Sex and the city and Dexter, i never cry with movies or series but dexter finale broke me in tears.
Well hope you like the look.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Uncomfortable silences

Hi! This is a look that i wore the other day, i posted some photos on my Instagram  and
I love this place its right in front of the beach and it is so pretty, but the wind is impossible here, this is in Porto in a place called Foz. I can't stop wearing this Deandri harness, i adore it with everything, dresses, mini and maxi skirts everything :) i have passed almost my entire summer with my docs, but lately i'm missing my creepers so much, will wear them a lot. Hope you like it.