Sunday, December 22, 2013

How soon is now?

Hi! So i'm already in my parents house and in Pinhão its freezing really, miss Porto already :) This is the last look i used in Porto before i got here so now i will take some pics here for sure. I'm just relaxing some much this Christmas break, already saw 2 seasons in a raw of Breaking Bad, love that serie, just going to watch the last season now, i'm so excited. I posted before almost all ot the items in this look, the skirt screams 90s and i love it for that. the jumper is just perfect, black, cropped, cozy and with turtle neck and screams me :) The jacket is my boyfriend's i wanted to take some pics with it since this summer but always forgot about it, isn't it gorgeous??? I love the color and the shape no to mention that is from Levi's and we just love vintage denim from Levi's. Now i'm chillin' in my bed listning to The smiths, really love them, and lately just want to hear Smith nothing else.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

How can they see the love in our eyes

Hi! So today i went for a walk in the park with my boyfriend and our dogs. This is the jumper i bought from Mango, isn't It gorgeous? I'm in love with it, it suits my style perfectly and i have troubles when it comes to find jumpers, never really like one, but this is just perfect for me. Have my eyes in some others more on Asos and i really need to invest in warm pieces. Hope you like this look. Today i'm going to my parents house for the holydays.

No one knows what it's like, to feel these feelings

Hi! This is yesterday's look but i'm just posting it now. Yesterday i relaxed and went to the mall, i almost never go to the mall, although i live next to to Norteshopping just 100 meters away, but i saw an amazing jumper on Asos that was from Mango and had to buy it. I wear it today and in a bit i will post today's look featuring it. About this look almost all black with witchy vibes that i love, wearing again my long black coat. Hope you like this look.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tell me where did you sleep last night

Hi! One more look featuring my vintage tartan skirt, this time with over the knee socks and my mulders from JC. I'm matching my tartan choker with my tartan skirt i hate to match things my try this out and kinda like it, the rest is all black so i don't think it looks too matchy matchy. Love the result of the sun coming down in this pics specially the close up with the bridge behind. Hope you like this look.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A murderous desire for love

Hi! Today was the last day of college before Christmas vacation, so i'll be able to rest and chill and sleep and to see movies, series and everything i'm so happy :) and will take lots of photos for sure. The jacket i'm using is one i have used before i was my mum's and she gave it to me the fur collar was from another jacket and it is just completely ruined, so i applied it to this jacket because i love the this collar and makes the jacket warmer. All looks i'm posting lately i'm wearing mu mulders just have to get over with it :) but i'm loving to try them out with everything. Hope you like this look.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

If you say that u're mine I'll be here 'til the end of time

Hi! Took this pics last saturday and it was so warm in the sun, really, it were a very beautiful day. I love this burgundy color of this dress is so dark and so strong i love to see it with this white shirt and sheer black tights, just find these 3 color perfect together and they are in fact my 3 favorite color ever. Well as you can see my ombre is screaming out load again will dyi my hair again soon lately i'm thinking to chose a brown purple color, violin that i already used years ago, and i love it again, because is very dark and my skin on winter is so white i kinda like the contrast. Hope you like this look.

Monday, December 16, 2013

I'm dirty, mean and mighty unclean

Hi! The title is just a ac/dc music not me :) Have this fur coat for years and just used it 2 times max., but now i'm really enjoying the vibe. Love to combine it with all black looks, and you will see it again for sure. It's so cozy and the is so cold right now, this winter will be tuff for sure. With this coat i can wear a just a t.shirt underneath and it will keep me warm. as i told i will use my hat forever again ;). This opaque tights are from Tabbisocks, as yesterday's crochet over the knee socks, and they are really warm and so versatile. Hope you like this look. Tomorrow i will wear this coat, i have to, i'm in love with it. Maybe i join some creepers, black skinny jeans and some other band t-shirt, maybe Ramones, 'cause its all black and white and the brown of the coat will pop out.