Monday, December 16, 2013

I'm dirty, mean and mighty unclean

Hi! The title is just a ac/dc music not me :) Have this fur coat for years and just used it 2 times max., but now i'm really enjoying the vibe. Love to combine it with all black looks, and you will see it again for sure. It's so cozy and the is so cold right now, this winter will be tuff for sure. With this coat i can wear a just a t.shirt underneath and it will keep me warm. as i told i will use my hat forever again ;). This opaque tights are from Tabbisocks, as yesterday's crochet over the knee socks, and they are really warm and so versatile. Hope you like this look. Tomorrow i will wear this coat, i have to, i'm in love with it. Maybe i join some creepers, black skinny jeans and some other band t-shirt, maybe Ramones, 'cause its all black and white and the brown of the coat will pop out.

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