Thursday, December 8, 2016

Relaxing at home

Decoded to start shooting some photos inside my place, just in case it rains for weeks like it usually does here.
In this photos my main focus are the details, such as my accessories, so you can see them a little bit better.
Love the new Classic Black watches from Daniel wellington, they are just A M A Z I N G !
So classy and easy to style, here are some of my latest looks style my two combos: the classic black in gold with brown strap + my gold cuff and the classic back and silver + my silver cuff. I personally love the cuffs and how minimal they are.
You can find them all here:

Treat yourself or your beloved ones this Christmas and use the code: HolyNights for 15%of at Daniel Wellington. 

Chunky knit + silk and lace

I love everything about this look, is one of my favorite that i put up lately.
Just love the combo of chunky, cozy, warm knit with fresh, light silk and lace, and the weather is really allowing me that lately so yeah! to that :)
Here i'm wearing the most gorgeous dark grey cardigan from VIPME, i absolutely love knit this winter and i can't have enough of it, and this cardigan comes in 2 other gorgeous colors too, burgundy and a greyish beige, i desperately want the other two too :) it's so long and can cover me up completely, it's so cozy and chic at the same time. Don't you find knit the chicest thing ever? I'm really obsessed with knit and wish i had all the sweaters and cardigans in the world :D 
How can i not love it, it's the most comfortable thing ever, i can even sleep in it! and i still feel stylish and elegant.
You guys can find the dark grey cardigan here, don't forget to check the other colors too because they are amazing.
You can use the code: Claudia382 for a $5 in your $50 purchase.
My favorite way to wear a cardigan is either with black silk/lace or with a simple oversized white t-shirt, here i'm wearing the chicest version with the silk and lace, and a simple pair of ripped black jeans. Both top and jeans are from Modatoi and you can find the top here, and the jeans here.
I really like this look so much that i cannot name any of my favorite details in it, because everything here works for one of my favorite kind of outfits. The boots bring the shine with the trendy metallic hexagonal heel, they are from 4th & Reckless and you can find them here. The boots match my watch + bracelet combo, both from Daniel Wellington, you can find the watch here and the cuff here, and don't forget to use my 15% off discount code: HolyNights .
As i'm going for silver details in this look i decided to wear my personalized name necklaces from Soufeel, my absolute favorite and also my little tube of marble pendant necklace from HOMA, you can find it here, and don0t forget to use my discount code too: 'HOLYNIGHTSC15' for 15% off.

Lingerie: Holiday vibes.

I don't know about you girls but i always get kind of obsessed about lingerie and cute underwear during the holiday season, is not that i don't like it all year long but i just love the winter colors, like burgundy, black or dark blue or green, that's why i always love to buy lingerie during that time. And also because i like to feel pretty inside my clothes too.
This bodysuit, bra and underwear are from PPZ, PPZ have amazing lingerie and sleep or shapewear.
You can find the amazing bodysuit here, it looks amazing with a velvet suit for example (been dying to have a burgundy velvet wide pant suit just so i can wear this cutie underneath) or even with a pair of jeans and a chunky cardigan.
You can also find the panties here and the bra here.
Of course my little monkey pig had to come in and take some photos, after all i was lying on the bed, he's favorite place in the world :D And also he's beloved kitty sister, they just love each other so so much, and always hang out together. 

Watch from Rosefield.
Laptop sleeve from Case Company.
Bag from VIPME.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Rainy days

Warm (or not too cold) rainy days ask for a cute trench, and i couldn't not have a black one!
I absolutely love this one, the fabric is so cool and really remembers suede, the trench is from ChicWish and you can find it here.
Extreme long sleeved sweater are being my thing lately, love to wear my watches over them because that way the watch really stands out! Here i'm wearing one of the most gorgeous watches i've ever seen, it's the classic black collection from Daniel Wellington in rose gold, and i just love the brown strap! Daniel Wellington always have my favorite watches.
You can find this one here, it's the perfect Christmas gift to offer, or to buy for yourself! So use the code: HolyNights fro 15% off at you purchase at

I?m also wearing my VIPME bag and my SHUZEE boots.

Friday, November 25, 2016


Cold weather is officially ON! Kinda missed it, kinda not :) I love winter clothes but i hate to be cold, so one of the most important thing in my closet are the coats.
I got have long warm coats in lots of different colors in my wardrobe, but the black ones are always the more important ones. I like them classic and long, so i ca throw them over any outfit and be cold and stylish. A long coat really can take over a look, that's why i find so important so find the perfect ones, there are so many styles and shapes and some work better than the others.
Here i'm wearing a simple, with a clean cut, long and with a bit of masculine vibe brought by the smoking like lapel. This one is perfect for elegant and classic looks, i love the boyish vibe of it and i think it works amazing if you contrast it with the girliest dress, a lace one for example, but i also think it looks amazing pair with a white man shirt, blue jeans and a pair of boots or even some masculine flat shoes for example.
The coat i'm wearing is from VIPME and you you are as a coat fanatic as i am, go and check the website because they have a lot of coats, really! In all the styles you can imagine and in all the colors, i kinda have my eye in a handful of coat from VIPME, specially the more minimal ones, so trendy this winter.
Something about this coat really reminds me of Rachel Green's (from Friends) coats, they are all so elegant and Rachel's style is always spot on!
You can use the code: Claudia382 for $5 off your $50 purchase at

As i told you guys before i was dying to style this sweater with a all black base outfit, and i finally did it! Love how grid patters work in monochromatic looks. The sweater is from SheIn and you can find it here.

The watch + bracelet combo i'm wearing is from Daniel Wellington, and it's my favorite thing to wear! Love Daniel Wellington's watches and the bracelets are so amazing too.
Use the code: HolyNights for 15% off at

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Black and grey

I'm such a fan of minimalistic jewelry, and i love the mix of delicate minimalistic pieces with chunky knits. The contrast is so stylish and chic.
For this winter all i want are knits, knits and more knits and little beautiful simple details for accessorizing.
Here i'm wearing two of my favorite necklaces, the one with my name that is from Soufeel jewelry and it's in sterling silver and the marble tube one, so cute and delicate from HOMA. I love the texture of marble and to have a real piece of marble in a necklace is just amazing. If you use the code: "HOLYNIGHTS15" you can have 15% off in your HOMA necklace.
Another thing a always wear it's a watch, i think it brings some masculinity to the look, making every outfit much better, here i'm wearing a Prisma watch that you can find here.
This chunky knit sweater really combines a lot of the things i love, the color as i love grey for winter, the chunky knit and the choker like neck that i absolutely adore, it's from ChicWish and you can find it here

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Brick red

Another outfit perfect for this year's holiday season.
This time i'm wearing a velvet dress in brick red with a sheer turtle neck, in the same "sleeveless dress + sweater underneath" vibe, as that's is one if my favorite trends and makes winter life so much easier and chic!
The dress is from SheIn and you can find it here.
The top is from Mind the Mustard.
The whole outfit really works with the boots as the colors match perfectly with the black suede and the tortoise heel.
The boots are from Shuzee and you can find them here.
And also i always finish the look (from the most casual the chicest) with a watch, here i'm wearing my Locman gold and black.