Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Satin and lace

Wearing NA-KD from heat to toe i  this post.
I'm not really a fan of wearing the same brand in one outfit, but i had to wear all of this together because it just work perfectly.
NA-KD is really versatile and the outfit doesn't turn ou to matchy and that's perfect. 
Satin tops look amazing paired with leather, it is actually one of my favorite combos ever, could wear satin and leather together everyday, and to make the look more casual and laid back a pair of high waisted jeans can bring some cool vintage vibe. This pair is one of my new favorite for many reasons, first of all i love the dark blue color, so versatile and i can wear them with literally every color, then i love the kinda loose and baggy fit, not to mention the assymmetric raw hem that i absolutely love.
The shoes are so pretty, i have them since last fall and i was dying to wear them again.
You can find the items here:

Don't forget to use the code: holynights when you're buying at NA-KD, you have a 20% discount in your purchase if you use it.

Monday, April 24, 2017

In black and white

Calvin Klein has always been one of my favorite underwear brand.
I just love how casual and kinda sporty Calvin Klein underwear is, and yet i feel so pretty and feminine in them. I find this set at Boxers and Briefs, they have some of the best underwear brands, such as Tommy Hilfiger, Puma or even Bjorn Borg.
Black and white will always be my perfect match, but i'm so in love with the white set and the grey set too.
I feel i could wear only Calvin Klein's underwear for the rest of my life.
Find the bralette here, and the underwear here

As details and accessories i'm wearing all Soufeel necklaces, you can find them here. Go check them out and get 10% off by using the coupon: SHS10.
Ad one of my favorite watches, from Lord Timeices, you can find it here. You can use my code: NIGHTS10 for 10% off all purchases  from LordTimepieces.com, they just have the greatest women's watches and man's watches.

Black and rose gold

A simple black outfit, elevated by the rose gold details.
What i really try to enphasize with this look were the rose gold detail, i love rose gold and i think it ca bring so much elegance and chicness to a look.
Here i'm wearing one of my favorite new necklaces (really can't stop wearing it) and a engravable bangle form Soufeel, Soufeel is one of my favorite brands when it comes to accessories, first of all because the quality is amazing, and also because they have gorgeous pieces. You can find both the necklace i'm wearing here ad the bangle here.
Go check Soufeel out and get 10% off by using the coupon: SHS10.
To finish the look in the same note i'm wearing a pair of gold mules (mules are the best!) they are from 4th & Reckless and you can find them here

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Black, silver and denim.

Finally is spring and i can wear outfits like this!
Cropped flare jeans are my favorite lately, just because they can be much more chic than skinny or mom jeans, and they show the shoe a little bit more.
Here i'm wearing a pair of jeans from Dresslily, you can find them here. I love the dark color of the jeans.
I really like to wear black with dark jeans, silky tops + leather jackets are my fav combo.
The perspex heel trend is one of my obsessions, this gorgeous barely there sandals are from Ego.
And off course i had to finish the look with a watch, i can't live without my watches ;)
The is the classic black and silver from Daniel and the cuff matches it perfectly. 
You can still use my discount code for 15% off at Daniel Wellington: “HOLY-NIGHTS”
Hope you like this look.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Corset belt

I've been so busy and as i can only take my pics during weekends, i really couldn't lately baecause, first of all it has been raining, than i had some very important thing to do, and ended up almost not taking any photos for 2 weeks, really missed it!
Well now i'm back on it and have some new outfit to show you guys.
Black, white and denim is my favorite combo for a while now.
This jeans are my absolute favorite and they are from NA-KD, i love their shape and to match them with black and white, this mid blue really pops out when mixed with this 2 colors. You can find the jeans here.
My love for corset belt has been growing lately and i really love this one, it's from Kate's Clothing and you can find it here.
And finally it's time to wear mules, the weather is amazing and i can't get enough of this satin bow mules from 4th&Reckless, find them here.
To finish the look i'm wearing all silver accessories. When it comes to my jewels i really like to wear good material, such as real silver, Soufeel has some of my favorite pieces, i have so many necklaces from Soufeel and they are always my favorite to wear, as they are really good, the quality is just amazing and they are so pretty, here i'm wearing all necklaces from Soufeel and also a personalized bangle, i love to match my bangles with my watches and i like them to be unique, so this are kinda perfect, because you can engrave them with any text you want, this one says: Holynights.  Go check Soufeel out and get 10% off by using the coupon: SHS10.
Here i'm wearing a silver mesh watch from Lord Timepiecesyou can find it here. You can use my code: NIGHTS10 for 10% off all purchases  from LordTimepieces.com, they just have the greatest women's watches and man's watches.

Thursday, April 6, 2017


Decided to take some photos inside for a change.
Both in all black, but one with silver and the other with gold details.
I this gold, specially rose gold, is such a sweet and delicate color, so i like to wear accessories in this color when my outfits are more elegant, chic or feminine, in this first look i'm wearing a lace cami from SheIn and some cute feminine heels from 4th & Reckless so i think gold really works here. 
It was the perfect time to wear my Daniel Wellington classic petite watch for the first time, i'm absolutely in love with this watch and can't stop wearing it, i have it for a little over 10 days and i think i wore it 9 times during this time. You can find the watch here and you can use the discount code “HOLY-NIGHTS” for 15% off of all products at Daniel Wellington until the end of April.
All the accessories beside the watch are from Minimalist Jewellery and you can find them all here. Minimalist Jewellery is for sure my favorite Jewellery store online.

Another all black look, but so different from the first one.
This one is much more laid back and causal so it asks for silver details, just a few, here i'm wearing one of my favorite pair of boots, this mirrored ones from New Look, and my The 5th watch over my sleeve as i like them :)
Spring has the perfect sweater weather, i'm so in love with this one from Kates Clothing, you can find it here.

Hope you like this inside looks.