Saturday, March 24, 2018


Is that something better than a brand new black sweater? For me, that have 2 dogs and a cat, having a new black sweater something close to heaver ;)
First of all a new sweater, no matter its color, is always a great thing because it isso soft and knits tend to get a bit ugly with time, use and washes, but for a person who has white animals it's even better than that because a black sweater always gets my pets hair with time and it becomes impossible to take off (even with the tape rolls, i honestly don't know what to call them in english).
Black knits are so chic and classic, i always feel very chic with them. Besides all of that this one is one if my favorite ones ever because it's incredibly soft, it combines different textures of knit and it has a slit details on the back that i absolutely love!
To add soke interest and a bit of color to this look i add a chestnut coat, bag and boots (can you tell how much i love this color??)
I'm obsessed with the color and shape of this coat, best one at the moment!
Coat, sweater and bag are from VIPshop.
You can find the coat here.
And the bag here.
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