Thursday, June 30, 2016

White crochet

I really love a simple white crochet dress, i love them short, midi and maxi and i think every closet needs a white crochet dress.
I love to pair white dresses, like this one, with black accessories, like the hat and the shoes here,  my 2 favorite colors. 
This dress is from SheIn and it also comes in black, the black one is really gorgeous too, you can find both here. The dresses have a elastic part in the waist zone, but i've add a little white ribbon and made a little bow in the from, which make the outfit more romantic.
An outfit like this is perfect for a hand full of occasions because it's not too put together and you can wear it all day, but it's also put together enough for a more special occasion.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

White | denim | leather

Hey! I always spent my summer either in Porto at my place and in my parent's in Pinhão and, it's only a 2 hour ride away, so i manage to spend one week in each place at a time, and it's amazing how different the temperatures are, in Porto i can wear an outfit like this during summer, because it's never too hot, and in Pinhão the floor on the street literally burns, it's impossible to walk on the streets before 8 p.m, even if i'm only wearing a bikini, here either you go to a pool near by, or to the river or you have to stay in, because it's unbearable!
Right now i could never wear an outfit like this, but yesterday back in Porto it was the perfect amount of clothing :)
I'm begging to like white shirts more and more, the ones with big sleeves, like this, are my favorite.
I always like to wear simple and classic shirts like this with edgier elements like the leather biker or the o-ring choker. I also like to keep the shoes as simple and minimal as possible and to wear jeans to break a little the black and white theme. 
Here i'm wearing one of my favorite pair of jeans, i just love the color and how soft the denim is, they are from SheIn and you can find them here.
All the rings that i'm wearing, besides my compromise ring, are from Soufeel, and i just love them, they are all in 925 sterling silver. If you use the code IG% you can get a 5% off discount at

Thursday, June 23, 2016

s u n n y - d a y s

I'm completely in love with this swimsuit from Amuse Society, Amuse Society is one of my favorite beach wear brand, everything they have is just amazing, and the quality is very high, for example my other swimsuits are tight in really weird parts, and the seams are very tough and they strangle my tights and bum, this one is amazing because it doesn't make that at all, it just flows with the body and can fit lots of different shapes.
You can find a wide range of Amuse Society swimwear at Lulu', that wear i found mine.
I love swimsuits so much lately, that i guess that my belly will look milky white all year ;)
I went to the beach this week for the first time this year, and i was so cold actually :D i'm the most chilly person in the world!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Art in denim

So much denim today. Lately i've been really into dark denim and i really like to match denim jeans with denim jackets too.
This denim jacket is an authentic piece of art, so so so gorgeous, it's from Daria Y Maria, Daria Y Maria are 2 professional artists that create amazing hand painted denim jacket and other accessories. The feathers are attachable and you can wear them or leave them in the house depending on your mood for extravagant pieces :) I personally love the jacket with the feathers but when i'm trying to be more causal i take them off.
This jeans are one of my recente fav, because they just fit me perfectly, they are not to tight or too loose and the length of the waist is my favorite, the jeans are from SheIn and you can find them here.
The shirt is also from SheIn and you can find it here, a blue stripped shirt is a must in any wardrobe RN.
Hope you like this look!