Sunday, July 27, 2014

I want to do whatever common people do

 Hi! Wearing Hellaholic jewellery again, they have amazing things, check them out here. Well took this photos a bit ago, the weather was much more fresh then, now it's impossible to wear velvet, even at night. Tried out a new make up this day, more dramatic eyes and nude lips, in very hot days i can't have my lips with lipstyck, i just don't feel comfortable, plus my awfull alergies to polen don't held with that too. This is a very short post, i'm relaxing at home, the heat is killing me.

Friday, July 25, 2014

He stole our hearts away

Hi! I can't stop wearing black, i'll never get tired of it. Took this pics yesterday, my face was just exausted, but it was a great day, had a nice dinner in our friend's restaurant, with my boyfriend and a very close friend of ours, great food, great wine and great gin to finish the dinner. I'm wearing Hellaholics jewellery again, this time i mixes two rocks in one short necklace i took the cross out of the velvet riboon and put it in one silver chain, it's really cool to mix Hellaholics jewellery. Hope you like this post.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

We are the Pretty Petty Thieves

Felling like a doll today :) Have this skirt at least for 6 years i fin it gorgeous but i can't wear it, firtsofall it's too short in the back if i try to climb some stairs i have to grab it really close to me, and when the weather is windy i can't control it because it's to light. Well. but i decided to give it a try and the next minute i had to change my clothes, as you see in the photos the wind was very strong today. This is a white and black look and not a black and white :) the top is a lace bralette from Intimissimi, the skirt is a very old Zara collection and it has lace in the bottom and twice in the middle, to had even more lave and white i add this socks, my fav, from Asos, finished with everything black.What do you guys think about my black hair? The color faded a bit already, and only washed it twice, the color never really sticks to my hair, tried lots of bands and it's always like this.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Crawlin' back to you

Hi! This look is matchy matchy matchy. as many matchy as i can do :) I wanted a all matchy outfit for ages, this one is costume made. One of my favorite things in this look is the white lace brallete i have underneath, but is very hard to notice it because i'm so white, almost as white as the top. To make the look even more matchy i combined the lace top with lace socks. This is on of  my favorite styles, very school girl. Jope you like it.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Do I Wanna Know?

Hi! Another all black look. When it comes to clothes and my look i'm pretty consistence but when it comes to my hair i'm always changing my mind, well my plans for this summer was to have it in the lightest brightest brown possible with blond highlights, then suddenly i dyed it in a very dark brown, but not black, i actually didn't really love black because i always enjoyed warm, gold or red reflexes, but guess what? Just dyed it black :o I'm loving it, it's much better for my skin tone and eyes. Have to take some pics of it to show you guys. The jewellery are form Hellaholics, again i know, but i just love them. Hope you like this post.