Sunday, July 27, 2014

I want to do whatever common people do

 Hi! Wearing Hellaholic jewellery again, they have amazing things, check them out here. Well took this photos a bit ago, the weather was much more fresh then, now it's impossible to wear velvet, even at night. Tried out a new make up this day, more dramatic eyes and nude lips, in very hot days i can't have my lips with lipstyck, i just don't feel comfortable, plus my awfull alergies to polen don't held with that too. This is a very short post, i'm relaxing at home, the heat is killing me.


  1. Love the look! And these necklaces are amazing!
    xoxo, Márcia*

  2. Omg! those necklaces! I love it so much! Amazing!

  3. wow, you look amazing, are you on diet?? you look more slim! :D