Friday, July 25, 2014

He stole our hearts away

Hi! I can't stop wearing black, i'll never get tired of it. Took this pics yesterday, my face was just exausted, but it was a great day, had a nice dinner in our friend's restaurant, with my boyfriend and a very close friend of ours, great food, great wine and great gin to finish the dinner. I'm wearing Hellaholics jewellery again, this time i mixes two rocks in one short necklace i took the cross out of the velvet riboon and put it in one silver chain, it's really cool to mix Hellaholics jewellery. Hope you like this post.


  1. Such a GREAT look - love this whole outfit! You look amazing xx

    Julia in Disguise

  2. Ah I am sooo glad I found your blog, your style is just up my street! Just gave you a follow on bloglovin! I love your crochet dress so much, I recently bought one just like it!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

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  4. I envy your shoes, that style looks so yours, it belongs to you :)