Wednesday, July 23, 2014

We are the Pretty Petty Thieves

Felling like a doll today :) Have this skirt at least for 6 years i fin it gorgeous but i can't wear it, firtsofall it's too short in the back if i try to climb some stairs i have to grab it really close to me, and when the weather is windy i can't control it because it's to light. Well. but i decided to give it a try and the next minute i had to change my clothes, as you see in the photos the wind was very strong today. This is a white and black look and not a black and white :) the top is a lace bralette from Intimissimi, the skirt is a very old Zara collection and it has lace in the bottom and twice in the middle, to had even more lave and white i add this socks, my fav, from Asos, finished with everything black.What do you guys think about my black hair? The color faded a bit already, and only washed it twice, the color never really sticks to my hair, tried lots of bands and it's always like this.


  1. Amazing outfit, i love creepers with lace socks :) Your style is perfect!

  2. you look so cute in that outfit. with your long legs
    you can wear a short skirt like that.those white socks and balck shoes
    are super cute on you