Sunday, February 22, 2015

Black and white unicorn

The wind wasn't really working with me in this photoshoot! My hair was allover the place, my hat keep flying to the road, couldn't almost open my eyes because the wind was very fast and cold. I really like to mix casual pieces with classic and chic elements, there is nothing more casual or comfortable than a oversized sweatshirt, this one is from Blingyouth, check them out because they have amazing sweatshirts and tees. Adding the white shirt to the sweater made the look more polished and the leather pants gave some "edgyness" to the look, the shoes are so classic and feminine and they change completely the vibe of the look.  this is one black and white look completely different from my usual. Keep wearing this daniel wellington watch with everything, use the code "holy-nights"v to get 15% off everything on Daniel Wellington Website. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

There will be light

Hi! Back to my usual kind of outfit today. Today was the most beautiful sun here, but also the coldest day! I was freezing, i literally couldn't feel the muscles in my face and my head and ears even hurt, left the home with a fresh outfit thinking the sun was warm, but i regretted so much! Well i can't wait for spring to arrive :( This is completely my kind of skirt, velvet, pleated and in burgundy, it's from Young Hungry Free and you can buy it here. The boots are also from Young hungry free and you can find them here. Every time i wear this trench i think of Gotham it really looks dark as the city! The trench coat is from style moi. Hope you like this look. 
Can't stop wearing this watch from Daniel Wellington, it's such a classic piece that looks good with everything! Use the code "holy-nights" to get 15%off everything on daniel Wellington website

Friday, February 20, 2015

Cozy in grey

I'm all about scarfs lately, i'm just so cozy when i wear a scarf like this and it keeps me so warm, more than coats really. This one is really big and it can be used in lots of different ways what makes it very versatile. I love to have distinct sweaters, because sweater are a really simple and easy option when i don't know what to wear and if i have really interesting and different ones like this my outfit is not boring or to relaxed. This sweater is from young hungry Free and you can buy it here. Usually i don't like to rake pics in the sun light because it turns out so bright and with so many weird shadows, but yesterday was so warm under the sun that i didn't want to leave it.
This amazing pair of cat eye glasses are form Freyrs and you can buy them here. 

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Black with a hint of color

Sometimes i like to break a all black look with a hint of color, this Asos scarf really brings that pop of color to the look and it keeps me so warm in this cold days. The sweater is so amazing that i'm wearing it non stop lately, it's short on the front and long on the back and it's ripped and teared apart making it so cute. It's from Young Hungry Free and you can buy it here, it comes in 3 colors and the three are amazing, i couldn't resist and i have the three now! Will show you the other two next few days. This watch is my fav, so simple, classic and elegant, very neutral goes with anything, the quality of the leather and even the box it came into is amazing, you can find it here. You can use the code: 
“holy-nights”  to have an amazing 15%off until 15th Mars. Hope you like this look.