Friday, February 20, 2015

Cozy in grey

I'm all about scarfs lately, i'm just so cozy when i wear a scarf like this and it keeps me so warm, more than coats really. This one is really big and it can be used in lots of different ways what makes it very versatile. I love to have distinct sweaters, because sweater are a really simple and easy option when i don't know what to wear and if i have really interesting and different ones like this my outfit is not boring or to relaxed. This sweater is from young hungry Free and you can buy it here. Usually i don't like to rake pics in the sun light because it turns out so bright and with so many weird shadows, but yesterday was so warm under the sun that i didn't want to leave it.
This amazing pair of cat eye glasses are form Freyrs and you can buy them here. 

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