Thursday, March 31, 2016

Black textures

All black today.
Sometimes i like to wear clothes in different ways, for example, here i'm wearing this chiffon coat as a top/dress over my leather leggings, this creates such a minimal and simple outfit that i love, took advantage of this and decided to wear the belt that came with the coat as a choker too.
What inspired me to assemble this look were this cutout booties, they are so cool and different, are my fav thing: they are so comfortable, the heel is not very high and i it's easy to walk around all they in this.
The leather look leggings are from SheIn and they are my absolute favorite, you can find them here
Hope you like this look.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

All White

Lately i'm so into all white looks. From dresses to skirt + top sets to jeans and a a bodysuit like this.
I really love bodysuits because i can wear them without constantly worrying about put it back inside the jeans, because normal shirts keep getting out of the pants when i sit or make any kind of movement, this way the top is always perfectly inside the bottoms.
This cute cutout back and shoulder white ribbed bodysuit is from ForeverModo and you can find it here.
The jeans are a must for this upcoming season, they are from SheIn and you can find them here.
The tricolored shoes are so versatile and they go with so many different colors, they are from Little Mistress and you can find them here.
The rain and the cold weather is back :( i'm so sick of this shitty days, although i'm wearing sandals here i had to wear a warm coat.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

All black

My boyfriend bought this parka coat on H&M, but i have to steal it just for a look at least, is sooo cool ad fresh, perfect for spring. He looks much better wearing it though :)
Lately i'm a bit obsessed about wearing pumps with socks, i just love it, and it kind os makes the shoes look like a pair of boots.
This pair of shoes is from Dropp and you can find it in Portugal at Prof's stores or you can buy it online here. The whole collection is great, very versatile, because it has classic shoes, sporty shoes, edgy shoes and lots of 70s platforms too, so you will find a perfect pair to fit your style for sure.
Hope you like this look, and hope you all have a great spring break and easter.

Friday, March 18, 2016

White | Beige | Black

Took this photos two days ago in a warm and beautiful day, today i'm posting them and i can't even imagine myself in this because it's winter all over again, ii'm freezing and i'm wearing layers of knits :(
I'm back at my parent's to spend the Easter and the spring break, and here is always much colder during winter and excruciatingly hotter during summer.
But back to this gorgeous outfit, the summer is coming and that's for sure, so it's time to invest in fresh clothes and shoes because when we notice days are too hot to breath :) This dress is so gorgeous and i love minimal yet sexy dresses like this to wear in some special night occasions like a birthday party, a dinner out or a summer party because i always feel put together, feminine and elegant, it's a very nice dress to wear during the day too, specially during Spring, i always love to wear white in this season, that's a perfect dress to wear on Easter if you have special plans, like a big family lunch.
This shoes are my new fav pair of shoes, they are so different and so cool, i love the combinations of this 3 colors: white, beige and black, that makes them so versatile, because i think they look amazing with a all back outfit because they really pop out and with white they look so cool too, it's the perfect way to bring a little bit of color to a all white look., and with beige they work perfectly as well. I'll be wearing them a lot, that's for sure.
Hope you like this look.