Wednesday, March 23, 2016

All black

My boyfriend bought this parka coat on H&M, but i have to steal it just for a look at least, is sooo cool ad fresh, perfect for spring. He looks much better wearing it though :)
Lately i'm a bit obsessed about wearing pumps with socks, i just love it, and it kind os makes the shoes look like a pair of boots.
This pair of shoes is from Dropp and you can find it in Portugal at Prof's stores or you can buy it online here. The whole collection is great, very versatile, because it has classic shoes, sporty shoes, edgy shoes and lots of 70s platforms too, so you will find a perfect pair to fit your style for sure.
Hope you like this look, and hope you all have a great spring break and easter.


  1. super:) xx

  2. Love your all black look! So chic!