Tuesday, March 29, 2016

All White

Lately i'm so into all white looks. From dresses to skirt + top sets to jeans and a a bodysuit like this.
I really love bodysuits because i can wear them without constantly worrying about put it back inside the jeans, because normal shirts keep getting out of the pants when i sit or make any kind of movement, this way the top is always perfectly inside the bottoms.
This cute cutout back and shoulder white ribbed bodysuit is from ForeverModo and you can find it here.
The jeans are a must for this upcoming season, they are from SheIn and you can find them here.
The tricolored shoes are so versatile and they go with so many different colors, they are from Little Mistress and you can find them here.
The rain and the cold weather is back :( i'm so sick of this shitty days, although i'm wearing sandals here i had to wear a warm coat.


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  2. great outfit!


  3. The all white looks amazing with your hair colour, great outfit!


  4. Nice look:) xx