Sunday, February 22, 2015

Black and white unicorn

The wind wasn't really working with me in this photoshoot! My hair was allover the place, my hat keep flying to the road, couldn't almost open my eyes because the wind was very fast and cold. I really like to mix casual pieces with classic and chic elements, there is nothing more casual or comfortable than a oversized sweatshirt, this one is from Blingyouth, check them out because they have amazing sweatshirts and tees. Adding the white shirt to the sweater made the look more polished and the leather pants gave some "edgyness" to the look, the shoes are so classic and feminine and they change completely the vibe of the look.  this is one black and white look completely different from my usual. Keep wearing this daniel wellington watch with everything, use the code "holy-nights"v to get 15% off everything on Daniel Wellington Website. 


  1. super:)) xx

  2. love the heels paired with an oversized sweatshirt!
    Pay with Polka Dots

  3. Também costumo usar camisas por baixo das sweater. Para além de ficar melhor, também fico mais quentinha :)

    Zazu's World Blog

  4. Wow Claudia this look is amazing, something totally different from your usual style. Loving the backdrop too!

    Emma at