Tuesday, September 24, 2013

ohhh... they cured me alright.

Hi! Yeah the weather is a bit colder and i'm so happy, i was dying to wear my all black everything, leather stuff, velvet stuff, hats, everything, this is the style i love the most and i love this combination, all leather, head to toe, well some item are not real leather, but they are leather look, i stop wearing this top since sometime around february, and i was missing it, and this skirt, as you know is my fav, always with me, it is always the solution. Well todays was a sad day for me, Dexter is finally over and the last episode killed me, is one my fav series, my top 3 is definitely Friends, Sex and the city and Dexter, i never cry with movies or series but dexter finale broke me in tears.
Well hope you like the look.

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