Thursday, August 29, 2013

Team loser

Hi, again, today i'm posting twice because yesterday i didn't had the chance to post yesterdays look. The look i'm wearing today is so casual and confortable and chic at the same time i love this Criminal damage t-shirt but i have customised it making the front higher and the back lower i believe it is more interesting like this i just loe the netted sleeves so sporty. I have bought this backpack on a market-place at night in a tradicional portuguese village party some item are so cool and so cheap. I was wearing my favorite necklace a real gold one with my name on it that my parentes ordered and got it done especially to me with the font i chose and it was my Christmas gift from them about 5 year ago. I love it. But i didn't notice that it was inside my shirt so you cannot see it. But here it is.
Hope you like this look and post