Friday, August 2, 2013

Four different ways to use the UNIF bundy jumper

Hi! Sometimes its hard to diversify onepiece outfits, like this UNIF bundy jumper, or any dungarees or even dresses so using different pieces in my wardrobe and accesories or even makeup i tryed to create different looks.

The first outfit i chose for a all denim look, all acid wash, i love acid wash you must know :), mixed it with some creepers and a backpack all very 90s finaly i put some jewelery a cross necklace and as a bracelet my spiked choker very simple and casual to use during the day.

The second one i think its probably better to use at night, is much more put together and heavy, i uses the same UNIF jumper and this time i joined it a Pepe Jeans leather jacket, some pair of chunky boots, in this case vintage very 90s accessorized it with a spiked choker a vintage silver necklace and a yin yang pendant finished it with some fishnet tights and pulled the hair into a ponytail, the makeup is heavy, dark eyes and lips.

The third look is again very simple, very 90s/grunge inspired, and so simple to put together, i just join a plaid shirt, a beanie and my docs although the makeup is quite dark I use this look during day because it is soooo confortable.

At last only the jumper with some very high heels to use in a dinner party for example or going out at night i combine the Deandri tequilas with black socks making the boots pop out and as always dark lips and a spiked choker. Hope you like this post.