Monday, February 22, 2016

Grey, black and white.

Casual in grey black and white. My favorite colors. 
In this freezing days i just want to be cozy and comfy, heels make my feet a bit cold and sneakers are my choice, also high necks are the thing for me, they keep me so warm and the really high necks are so cool and elegant, i can't get enough of them. This one is from SheIn and you can find it here.
I fell back in love with leather pants, and know i want to try them out with everything in my wardrobe. A good pair of leather (or faux leather) pants can really make a change in a wardrobe, because they allow me to change from the usual black jeans, since i don't really like to wear blue denim in a daily basis. The leather pants are such a nice change and they are much more chic than the black jeans, i feel much more elegant and put together and at the same time edgier.
This pair of leggings is from SheIn and you can find them here.

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