Saturday, February 20, 2016

Black on Black

Black on black with white sneakers, just love how white sneakers pop out in a all black look.
Lately i'm so into loose pants, and culottes are my fav, they look so cute and casual with sneakers and a oversized chunky sweater and so elegant and chic with heels and a a crop top, this pair of culottes are from TwinkleDeals and you can find them here.
This sweater is my go to sweater, every tie i want to wear black, be warm and still cute i wear this sweater, first because i really love chunky knit, second because i love turtle necks that allow me to put my hair inside and be more comfy, and at last because this one is so soft and the sleeves are amazing.
This sweater comes in 3 colors, black, burgundy and olive, all three of them are amazing, and the fit is perfect.

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