Friday, July 17, 2015


All black! Feels like home! Love this maxi t-shirt to death, it's just one of my favorite pieces ever! It look so awesome with black pants and chunky boots, it can work from Boho to minimal, from grunge to chic, depending on the accessories! This is my favorite way of wearing it, minimal, with very few accessories. It's from Style Moi and you can find it here. They have it in white too, and it would look so gorgeous with a pair of white shorts and white shoes! All white is just so in and i wish i has this in white too. 


  1. super:) xx

  2. You look amazing in that pretty t-shirt! Black suits you! :)

    And it could work with boots.. but I'm glad you went with those black strappy heels! :)

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  3. I have the same t-shirt and didn't know it could look so classy/chic, this outfit is such an inspiration <3