Thursday, July 16, 2015

Deep blue and lace

Hi! I'm loving this jumpsuit soooo much, is so romantic and love the contrast of the deep blue with the white lace! In case you didn't notice i took this photos in two different days, in the first ones my eye makeup is a smoky brown with mascara but in the last ones i have eyeliner and i added this gorgeous white watch that i got from Rumjungle last week. Snd the reason i took photos in different days is just because i wasn't happy with the first Photoshoot. I really wanted to use this wall so the background would match the jumpsuit but everytime i take pics here the quality of the pics are so bad, we realized the tiles are making that problem, it's very hard to focus other things than the wall. The jumpsuit is from Tracyeiny. And the watch is from Wynntome and you can find it on Rumjungle


  1. ficou linda Claudia! Essa renda é bem delicada e o azul é muito sereno

  2. I really like the idea that you're stepping out of your usual soft grungy style and you did it very well dear. You're still original!

    Cassie Thriftier