Monday, February 27, 2017


You can wear a 70s inspired outfit in so many different styles and ways,  you can go more minimalistic or more dark, or even colorful, 70s are such a cool hera and i love everything about them, from the music, to the clothes, to makeup and hairstyles to the cars, don't you love the 70s?
Clean cuts, wool fabrics, flare shapes, earthy colors and turtlenecks are my favorite things right now.
What inspired me to put this look wear actually the sunglasses, they are from Way Darby and they really remind me of some of the 70s eyewear, and i just went from there trying to find my favorite pieces that have 70s vibes, and what's better than a bell sleeved turtle neck? This one is from New Look and you can find it here. A pant + blazer camel suit really works here, because of the shape of the pants, kinda loose kinda flare and the color really takes me back in time. I just "modernized" the look with a pair of mirror heels, also from New Look, a o-ring belt and my The5th watch over the sleeve.


  1. Amazing little suit and the flares so 70's. Love what you done here using 70's influence in a modern way.