Friday, April 29, 2016

b a c k l e s s

Can't believe that summer is coming and i will be able to wear outfits like this :)
I'm a all year all seasons boots kind of girl, i don't mind if it freezing or if it's a burning hot weather i love to wear boots no matter what. And this pair is just amazing, love that they are not the regular ankle booties but instead they are a little bit higher and that's so cool. And the perfect thing about them is that they are really high and really really comfortable i can walk in them all day long, they are actually like like a pair os socks :) 
I really like suede or suede like fabrics because they are deeply black, there is nothing more black than suede (worn out suede gets a little lighter but this pair is really black) and the cut is so minimalistic. 
The boots are from Solewish and you can find them here, go and check Solewish out if you are a shoe enthusiast like me because they have amazing shoes, tall the boots though are just perrrfect!
If you use the code HOLY10 at checkout you will have a 10% off discount when you shop at Solewish.
This dress is from NA-KD and is the perfect summer backless dress and i love the high neck front in contrast with the low back.
The cute little minimal rings i'm wearing are from Rings & Tings and you can find them here.

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