Wednesday, May 4, 2016

E m e r a l d

This shade of green looks incredible in brunettes. Dark hair and brown eyes really work when mixed with dark green.
This is such a romantic set, perfect for a romantic dinner. The lace is so cute and this can work with sandals, shies or boots, depending on how edgy you want it look, with black boots looks incredible too.
A set is such a versatile thing, because it can be wear together and separately too, can't wait to try this skirt with a chunky and oversized sweater for a much more relaxed and casual outfit and the top would look awesome for sure with a pair of black jeans or even a pair of shorts.
My rings from Galisfly really match the outfit, go and check Galisfly here, the site has amazing jewelry and lots of different styles.
Also, the sandals i'm wearing are from Lulu*s and you can find them at Lulu'
I'm spending a one week vacation away from my place and the weather is finally perfect :)


  1. this colour looks beautiful on you!

  2. You look perfect! Beautiful colour 👌