Thursday, April 28, 2016

g r e y | M A R B L E

I love the wall that i use as background of almost all my photos so much! Love that is a grey marble with grey and white variants and a pinch of a warmer sandy colors in some spots. This building is actually so gorgeous, the bottom of the building has the similar shape of the windows in the higher floors and it's so cool 'cause i can sit here for example, this kind of architecture really encourages people to interact directly with the building creating spots where we can stay and even hang out with friends or so, creating real living spaces.
This building is very close to my home and it's comfortable to have some place interesting and beautiful to take all my photos and still being that close to home.
As i love this wall and how it looks so much i decided to create both my iPhone case and my laptop sleeve with a photo of the actually wall, this way i can match it and even better i can keep my blog and Instagram aesthetics even when i'm shooting indoors because i can use them as accessories and background in all my inside photos. 
The case and the sleeve are from Snupped and you can find so many marble prints already made there, from different white ones, to grey, to black and so on and so forth, and you have the possibility to make your own like i did, with any image you want.
I'm having a 4 step Giveaway on my Instagram page and it consists in 4 steps:
1- follow me on instagram
2- follow Snupped on instagram
3- tag 2 friends on my photos of this contetst
4- and finally DM Snupped to claim your 30% off.
You have 5 days 'till this giveaway ends.

Now talking a little about the outfit, it's a very casual and minimal, yet very chic outfit, because both pants and blazer are tailored and much more elegant than jeans or a jacket.


  1. Nice:) xx

  2. Lindas fotos. Esta muito bonita :D
    Tenha um bom dia.