Monday, August 31, 2015


I don't like jeans or pants much, as you notice for sure i almost never wear pants, i feel bad and stuck when i'm in jeans and for them to fit me in the waist area when i'm up, they are always too tight when i sit down and they make m stomach hurt. I only wear jeans/pants when i really need to, like when i'm take a trip with my baby in his motorcycles in winter (yes only in winter, on summer i always wear shorts, i know i shouldn't because i can hurt my legs pretty bad if we fall or something, but i always wear shorts). The other time i wear pants is if i really really love them and find them gorgeous. other wise either i wear a dress, a skirt or shorts. This time i kinda miss to wear my fav pair of black jeans. Love this top and the color of it, pastel blue always looks so goos with black, and i decided to wear a cropped top in a different way, more elegant and chic instead of my usual soft grunge looks. This top is from Style Moi and you can buy it here. Style Moi always have the most amazing and different clothes.