Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Jeans and a tee

Jeans and a tee. So simple.
I really like to put up outfits like this, first of all because they are so simple to put together: jeans + a tee, and then because i can have fund with everything else, as i don't really love "too casual" outfits i always like to add some elegant details like the gold shoes here, a pair of gold point heels it's an essencial for any wardrobe, for so many reasons, you can wear them to turn the most casual looks to chic looks (like this one) and they are perfect for the party season, you can wear them to weddings, dinners out, during summer or even Christmas or New Eve's parties as they are still perfect to wear during winter. I wear them a lot lately, specially on the weekends.
The jeans and the tee are both from Levi's.
The red bag (i know i'm always wearing this red bag lately, what can i do? It's so beautiful) is from VIPme.
The shoes are from Public Desire.
And the shades are from Ray Ban. 


  1. This is such a classic look! It looks incredible on you, red really suits you! <3
    Kinga xx