Monday, June 19, 2017


How i love gingham!
Gingham as aways been in my life no matter what fase i'm going throw, style evolves as we evolve but certain things remain with us.
For me black will always be my favorite color to wear, and some prints like gingham plaid will stick with me too.
This shirt is on of my favorite (i feel like i always say this, but i really only wear things that i absolutely love) this ruffled sleeves are to die for! I cannot have enough shirts, i always want more and more, think it's just so easy to wear a shirt + a pair of jeans and that's why i really need do many of them, in as much prints and colors as i can find.
This one is from ChicWish and you can find it here, it also comes in blue and all white (i'm also pretty obsessed about the other 2).
Although i don't wear black as often as i did before, some outfits really need to be as black as possible, i just love the monochromatic vibe, and the black really makes the gingham print pop out, so i'm waring a pair of black Levi's 501 (lately i think i almost only wear Levi's 501, they have the perfect fit).
I'm also wearing the cutest pair of heels ever, i absolutely love the knot detail, they are from InTheStyle an you can find them here.
The round bag is from VIPme, and you can find it here.