Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Blue stripes and red

Lately i've been wearing the: blue stripes + red a lot. It's one of my favorite combinations, and i can't see to have enough blue striped shirts, i already own like 5 or 8 of them but they are all so different from each other and so unique, and i want to keep this collection growing :)
This one is my new favorite, absolutely love the little straps, they just make i so versatile, because i can wear it in the normal way (with shoulders covered) or i can turn it into to a off shoulder top, what i love! And the straps prevent it to drop too much. This straps also allows me to wear it as a sleeveless top, as i can leave the sleeves off my armas and tie them on a knot at the front, resulting in the cutest top ever.
The shirt is from SheIn and you can find it here.
Also the red bag really makes this outfit, and i love to pair it with my striped blouses and jeans.
The bag is from VIPme and you can find it here

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