Thursday, July 14, 2016

White, black and gold accents

Can't stop wearing black and white. Really!
I'm really into loose pants lately, but i'm thinking in cropping this pair, because it's just too long and i think i prefere how they look like paired with sneakers, i love the elegance of a wide pant + heel combo, but it's maybe a bit to much for me, i think next time i wear this will be with my adidas superstar. But well, this time i wore them with heels :)
This cropped t-shirt is actually from a very old Zara collection, i bought it like 7 years ago, and almost never woe t, first of al it was a normal length top, not a cropped one, but then i decided to crop it, even after that i pretty much never wore it, but it goes so well with this pants that i'm really digging it later. I think it would look very well with black culottes too.
Every time i have a bag that i really lie i wear it all the time i don't even think about my old ones or about buying a new one, have this little black bag with gold details since last summer and i haven't bought other, but now i'm felling the need for a new one, just because it has too much gold and i don't like to wear it when i'm wearing silver details.
Hope you like this look.