Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Can't seem to stop wearing black and white lately. Every time i see a cute top and immediately think of pairing it with black pants, skirt or shorts. And to be honest that the easiest think to do considering my closet, because almost all my bottoms are black, but that's the way i like it!
Lately i've been looking for a wide range of white tops, exactly with this purpose, and this one was one of the prettiest i've found, it's so gorgeous, and it can either be very minimal or very romantic, because this embroidery it's so girly.
A cute top like this can make the easiest outfit look very put together and elegant, because it isn't just a plain boring white top, it's very details and at the same time simple.


  1. Love your top, it's gorgeous! x

  2. Brilliant styling, beauty blogger and beautiful high-heeled shoes. All in one post. Share your outfit on my blog. Greetings and welcome to me

  3. I love pairing a white top with black bottoms- This outfit looks so nice! x
    Holly x
    The Twins' Wardrobe