Friday, July 15, 2016

Street chic

Every season, when fashion time arrives i always feel so inspired by the looks that i found online.
Always very artistic, mixes of casual with chic, of minimal with grunge, unexpected combinations of fabrics, styles, accessories and pieces of clothing. It's my favorite fashion time of the year, and sadly i never went to any fashion week.
I got so inspired with this year's fashion week street styles, that i decided to make my own interpretation of my favorites ones. Black and white was my choice (like it normally is) and i mixed not only different fabrics, but also different styles and vibes, from the chicest to the more casual possible.
Here i'm wearing a super chic, and one of my favorite skirts ever! So so so cute, so chic and elegant, is not the first time that i'm wearing it, last time i wore it with a draped open back black top and it looked so gorgeous, more elegant and put together, this skirt can easily be styled with a lot of different tops depending on how chic or casual you want to look. The skirt is from Chicwish and you can find it here.
To bring down the elegant vibe of the lace midi flare + heels combo i decided to wear a unisex tee, with black lettering, giving a completely different vibe to the look, making it much more casual and street, you can find all the Jesus Gets the Girl tees here. To emphasize that casualness i add a vintage bomber jacket in black.
And so this is my interpretation of the most recent fashion week looks, hope you like it :)


  1. I absolutely love your skirt, it's so cool! x

  2. I'm in love with your outfit, you're so perfect ♡

    The Little Fashionette